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Alphalake No-Code Partner, Workato, Announces $200m Series E Funding and $5.7b Valuation

Workato has long formed a key part of Alphalake Ai's 'Hybrid Automation" approach for our customers, especially in our vision for healthcare.

In a funding round led by Battery Ventures, alongside Insight Partners, Altimeter Capital and Tiger Global Management, Workato also revealed that a portion of the funding has been used to acquire the successful Chennai, India-based start-up RailsData.


RailsData is dedicated to creating business application connectors. Workato intends to scale the applications supported from 1,000 today to 10,000 in just 18 months through this acquisition that will put Workato further ahead in the process automation market, which is now beginning to follow Workato’s first-mover vision for integration and automation in a single no-code platform.  


This funding is exciting news for Alphalake Ai and offers more investment in innovation and execution for our customers. Workato has long formed a key part of what we have coined our Hybrid Automation Method™ and something that differentiates us through our vision to solve finally the low interoperability and process inefficiency that is so widespread in healthcare. 


The NHS, in particular, is set to benefit as we continue to help more Trusts benefit from the adoption of Alphalake’s healthcare-specific Data Connectors that are published on Workato, enabling greater speed and scale in process efficiency and integrating healthcare workflows.


Alphalake Ai Founder, Olly Cogan, explains how the partnership with Workato began:


"We first discovered Workato searching for something to help enable our vision for an improved Human Machine Interface in the healthcare space.


Our Alphabot-for-Teams digital assistant needed something to connect to that would enable our customers to automate multi-step workflows, irrespective of what system the process was running on.


We wanted to be able to call upon different processes on an on-demand basis and for this to happen in real-time. This can be done with APIs, but the point-to-point nature of bespoke API development would make this difficult to scale or operationalise cost-effective owing to the technical overhead involved in each integration.


When we saw the workflow ‘recipe’ builder by Workato, I was convinced of the ingenuity in the product. The recipe builder UX blew me away. It made what was previously taking weeks for RPA developers could be done in hours.


The concept of taking an API and making it no-code to build process recipes was not new, but 1000+ no-code APIs, each containing comprehensive data endpoints that could be dragged and dropped into workflows so quickly, was simply like nothing we’d seen. Not only was it a platform that could deliver digital automation at an enterprise scale, but it quickly became apparent this could enable a return through process efficiency and data automation projects in healthcare that current was evading the industry.


We set to work straight away on building and publishing No-Code Data Connectors for the systems used in healthcare. Since then we've created and published Connectors for Cerner and Epic EPR's and have a number going live very shortly, which will all help to bring the power of Workato to healthcare as a community and collaborative ecosystem.


We congratulate the whole team at Workato, whom we’ve come to know well and look forward greatly to continuing our work together, driving much-needed modernisation and transformation in healthcare workforce experience."


When customers talk about automation, one of their first questions is usually:
"Can you work with all of my applications?"


This is precisely what Alphalake uses Workato to do, and with this increased capital the ease of support, we add more healthcare applications and further invest in data security and compliance.


Historically, companies have been forced to deploy various integration and automation tools to optimise their processes and data flow. This causes fragmentation and is highly inefficient.


Vijay Tella, CEO of Workato, explains that "businesses are still struggling to achieve true transformation because RPA and integration tools cannot scale to address the needs of enterprises today. Workato’s automation platform addresses the challenges companies face when trying to automate at scale, enabling enterprises to achieve the speed and agility necessary for organisational transformation."


Workato has bridged the gap between automation and non-technical users, making process and workflow automation experiences readily available and usable through its ‘recipe’ approach.


Currently, there are over 500,000 recipes available for companies to use across all operational areas, including HR, marketing, sales, finance, IT, RevOps, product and now, as a result of our work at Alphalake, clinical systems. Each of these recipes can be integrated with enterprise applications like SalesForce, Slack, Workday, and now Cerner and Epic.


A Workato recipe looks at integration and automation as two sides of the same coin. Recipes handle both data and process level integrations; with Vijay Tella describing these recipes as "a Github for automation and operations", users can find existing automation, and through Workato cloning technology, reuse a recipe customised for the business use case. This means recipes created with apps like Salesforce that are customised entirely for that business can be repurposed.


At Alphalake Ai, we agree with Workato that Enterprise Automation is an art form. It allows organisations to be creative, brings all things together, iterates rapidly and finds new ways to drive innovation and value.


Ultimately, organisations that embrace the right automation and integration technology shore up their ability to consistently deliver value-based services to their customers and users. The need to be agile and flexible across multiple systems, processes, and partners is becoming integral to the very fabric of the modern organisation.


We are delighted to see Workato’s success and look forward to continuing our journey with one another, empowering more organisations through our hybrid automation tech stack. We are particularly excited that more healthcare organisations will now be able to evolve their digital and data processes and also benefit from enterprise automation.

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