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We're building the first hyper-connected healthcare ecosystem by developing Healthcare App Connectors that empower healthcare workers to automate clinical and backoffice workflows to speedup information and reduce cost. Staff processing no software development or IT skills can easily join "triggers" and "actions" together to automate workflows running on their existing software.

Healthcare App Connectors

We provide access to Healthcare App Connectors through the most widely used and familiar interface in healthcare, Microsoft Teams. We do this via Alphabot for Teams™, the healthcare digital assistant bot, seamlessly automating healthcare administration.

Microsoft Teams
Alphabot for Teams

Compile data reports, pull patient records, or trigger complete healthcare workflows without leaving the Teams interface.

When this happens..
New command Real-time
New command to Workbot for Teams
DO this..
Custom action
Custom action in Workbot for Microsoft Teams (Custom)
Post message
Post message as Workbot
Post reply
Post reply as Workbot
Post simple message
Post simple message as Workbot
Post simple reply
Post simple reply as Workbot

Example Use Case: From within Microsoft Teams, Clinicians using smartphone or PC check patient medication in Cerner Millenium®, triggers autonomous Action in Pharmacy Inventory with FHIR standard interoperability.

When this happens..
Launching soon!
DO this..
Launching soon!

Example Use Case: This Oracle DB Connector allows data to flow across your applications and databases in your healthcare ecosystem. Plug any app into the comprehensive Oracle suite of back office applications and database services.

When this happens..
New row
New row in a table in Oracle
New rows Batch
New batch of rows in a table in Oracle
New/updated row
New/updated row in a table in Oracle
New/updated rows Batch
New/updated batch of rows in a table in Oracle
DO this..
Delete rows
Delete rows in a table in Oracle
Execute stored procedure
Execute stored procedure in Oracle
Export query result Bulk
Export result of custom SQL in Oracle
Insert row
Insert row in a table in Oracle
Insert rows Batch
Insert batch of rows in a table in Oracle
7 more..

Example Use Case: Empower users to submit a Leaver Request with AlphaBot for Teams, which then logs all required Incident details in ServiceNow before autonomously deprovisioning accounts in other systems.

When this happens..
New record
New record in a table in ServiceNow
New record Real-time
New record in a table in ServiceNow
Scheduled record search Batch
Scheduled record search using query in ServiceNow
New/updated record
New/updated record in a table in ServiceNow
New/updated record Real-time
New/updated record in a table in ServiceNow
DO this..
Custom action
Custom action in ServiceNow (Custom)
Create record
Create record in a table in ServiceNow
Create record using a template
Create record in a table using a template in ServiceNow
Search records
Search for records in a table in ServiceNow
Search records using query
Search for records using query in a table in ServiceNow
2 more..

Example Use Case: Enable automation of any app being managed through Okta's Identity Access Management. AlphaBot for Teams or other app trigger user/group updates in Okta including automated Active Directory user and group changes.

When this happens..
New events
Triggers when a new event is created in Okta
New events Real-time
Triggers immediately when a new event is created in Okta
Scheduled event search using filter Batch
Scheduled event search using filter in Okta
DO this..
Custom action
Custom action in Okta (Custom)
Activate user
Activate user in Okta
Add user to group
Adds an existing user to a group in Okta
Create user
Create user in Okta
Deactivate user
Deactivate user in Okta
10 more..
woman doctor phone mobile MS teams

Power-up Healthcare Workers!

Our Healthcare App Connectors empower healthcare teams to easily create automated workflows. Within minutes of creating an automation or "recipe", clinical or back office users are then able to trigger their workflow or connect to any app directly from our bot in Microsoft Teams.

Workflow Recipes for Healthcare:

recipe workflow-cropped

This automated workflow enables a user to instruct Alphabot for Teams™ to trigger an end-to-end process that will remove the user from Active Director and/or Okta, Telephony systems and Payroll. All without a human needing to be involved, driving rapid efficiency and time to value.

Leaver Request submitted in Teams, ticket logged in ServiceNow, User deprovisioned in Active Directory / Okta / Telephony System.ok hand

A single interface for all your healthcare applications...

alphabot - icons

Join our Pilot Programme and become a Strategic Partner

Enquire about becoming a Pilot Partner

We are offering free licensing and professional services to 5 healthcare providers who wish to participate in a pilot programme for our ground breaking automation and interoperability platform.

Each Pilot partner is afforded the opportunity to have their current systems plugged into our platform entirely without charge. Our team build Connectors needed to join your clinical and non-clinical systems to the healthcare app ecosystem. This helps ensure the platform is built with user-driven purpose that meets the needs of the pilot partner, but the growing Connector platform helps other healthcare providers benefit as other users of the same systems.

Inputs are taken as part of a series of interviews with users and clinicians as part of a structured Pilot Programme.

These are then fed directly into our Dev teams who build in agile alongside this user-input. The result is a digital assistant chatbot that is able to fetch/update data in the systems used by the Pilot site together with automated workflows made possible between these systems.

The data Connectors are then able to be used by the pilot site and other Healthcare Providers to create new and inventive automations that help them strive towards semi-autonomous healthcare.

It is our intention that our Pilot Programme launches a new era of hyper-connected, borderless pathways in healthcare.

To be part of this revolution in healthcare automation, please submit your interest via the form on this page. One of our team will be in touch, initially via email.

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