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Accurate and Accessible Real-Time Management Reporting

The Bottom Line

NHS North East London Commissioning Support Unit (NELCSU NHS) needed to improve their management reporting systems and produce and distribute a Data Security & Protection (DSP) Toolkit summary report to measure security nationally. NELCSU NHS found that Alphalake Ai was able to use Robotic Process Automation to achieve greater reporting data accuracy in shorter time frames than was currently possible.

About NHS North East London Commissioning Support Unit

The NHS North East London Commissioning Support Unit (NELCSU NHS) is tasked with helping 28 Clinical Commissioning Groups around London, Essex, Hertford, Bedford, Luton and East Anglia to deliver improved health services. They support a population of 16 billion people, handle 8% of the NHS budget and manage more than £10bn of NHS contracts.

The Challenge

In health even more so than other industries, data analysis and continuous improvement is critical. It is intrinsically linked to people’s lives, their health and their well being. Accurate and regular management reviews of hospital KPIs such as admission numbers, wait times, patient satisfaction, and hospital statistics are essential to NHS operations. However, overburdened and under-resourced hospital staff struggle to keep pace with the administrative demands.

NELCSU recognised that they needed to explore automation tools to reduce the manual processes and ensure accurate and accessible real-time information. In addition, NELCSU needed to ensure that hospitals patient data was secure and protected at all times, via the DSP Toolkit. The issue, however, was that this essential need to create and distribute this report, which is key to the NHS efforts to safeguard its data, would require more administration time from already stretched human resources.

The Solution

NELCSU investigated various automation and Ai services companies and determined that Alphalake Ai’s niche positioning within healthcare and automation and proactive approach would allow them to achieve their outcomes.

“The Alphalake mentality, being a startup, was really contagious and they wanted to go above and beyond what a normal company would do, and strive for a top level of service that most bigger enterprises would not deliver.”

Neil Goodman, NELCSU.

We knew that Smart RPA would deliver a level of efficiency that current administrative teams could not achieve alone.

Our work on this project focused on:

  • UI Focus – concentrating on the User Interface journey, we worked on implementing “admin management bots” that replicate the user flow across systems that would otherwise be carried out by valuable management resource in a manual way
  • Simplicity – taking a process that necessitates multiple points of human interaction, and reducing these to an attended automation that is easy to trigger, or into an unattended bot that can run without external aid
  • Expediency – offering reports that can be free from human error, in a turnaround only a digital solution can achieve
  • Scalability – setting in place processes and offering education to ensure that greater issues for other scenarios can be tackled moving forward

Alphalake Ai’s solution incorporates bots that coordinate with the existing systems NHS NEL utilises, replicating the process to create management reports, but with improved accuracy, minimum human intervention and full oversight of the end-to-end process. The solution allows management to easily see where a step in a process has been inaccurate or needs adjusting.

The Business Outcome

The project delivers a wide array of benefits, freeing up vital employee time, but also generating significantly more reliable reports, automated to be created on a repeating basis. Beyond resolving NEL’s management reporting, the scalability opportunity for this project recognises that the automations used within this solution can be applied within other areas of this unit and even onward to the NHS as a whole.

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