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COVID in India: Anjali's perspective

Every day there have been more than 100,000+ cases across the country. Our near and dear ones are in pain and agony and we stand helpless.

It is sad to watch the news every day with such a terrifying increase in COVID case numbers. The second wave of COVID has been even more devastating. This cruel disease has taken the lives of millions worldwide, but in India, it is even more unfortunate due to the scarcity of medical aid and resources. Every day there have been more than 100,000+ cases across the country. Our near and dear ones are in pain and agony, and we stand helpless.

Hospitals have admissions over their capacity and left with no beds or oxygen cylinders to cater to emergency cases. So many of them have left their loved ones behind just because they could not get the proper treatment at the right time. None of us ever imagined that the oxygen we inhale to live on this planet would be scarce in India someday.

I am not sure how the doctors would feel when they tell the patients that they can be given only a certain amount of oxygen or do not have enough oxygen cylinders to provide for treatment. This is all so heartbreaking.

My own family and friends had to wait for days together just to get a bed in the hospital. One of our close family friends was in such a critical state, and due to the non-availability of medical aid, she collapsed and died in her building campus while going for her CT scan.

Every day the first thought that comes to mind is what I can do to improve the situation. But the fear of stepping out is so much that even though I would love to help the people in need, I cannot.

Thankfully, TeamAlpha came up with this enlightening thought a couple of weeks back of collectively helping the people suffering at ground zero. And yes, we all are proud and happy that we had this welcoming opportunity OXYTHON to participate in a simple way with our limitations, raise the money by just capturing our exercise regimes, and achieving the target of 8850 km to raise funds to HELP INDIA BREATHE.

I am thankful and grateful that Alphalake has fulfilled my desire and wish to help my fellow Indians in this time of need.

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