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Meet the Team — Kshitij Marwah

Meet Kshitij Marwah, our Renewals, Procurement & UiPath Product Specialist.

Hello, my name is Kshitij. At Alphalake Ai, I am the Renewals, Procurement & UiPath Product Specialist. I work in tandem with both the ‘Customer Success Management’ & ‘Global Services’ teams.


How has Alphalake helped you in your career development?

Learn and be certified in various technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Process mining and iPaaS, along with their practical applications within the healthcare sector.


What drew you to Alphalake?

The Hybrid Approach to Process Automation along with a great team and professional and futuristic approach.


Will the doctor become a second opinion/inferior to the AI?

With the development of AI and the possibilities of them improving on the knowledge and data that already exists, it does seem that in the long run doctor’s opinions will become inferior as AI has the capacity to analyse healthcare situations in a more depth manner, in a way the human mind never can.


To what extent do you believe that AI in healthcare will replace GPs/displace jobs?

I believe all the administration along with basic diagnostics is something that would be automated initially. But in the long term, we seem to be headed towards completely automated healthcare solutions, which will have a massive impact on the job market.

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