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Meet the Team — Steve Elliott

Meet Steve, our Director Of Infrastructure Services.

Hello, I'm Steve! I am the Director Of Infrastructure Services! I'm responsible for developing IT and Service strategies, including creating a Cyber Security offering as well as the occasional hands-on project delivery where required.



What three career lessons have you learnt thus far?  

  1. Strive for right, the first time.
  2. The value of teamwork.
  3. A great customer experience is everything.

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt from Alphalake?  

Within the first couple of days at Alphalake Ai, it had opened my eyes to the art of the possible through automation.

Do you believe the human touch element to still be prevalent in healthcare? 

Absolutely, it is essential - AI and data insight can help drive decisions and improve the quality of care, but the human factors - compassion, understanding, and empathy, can't be replaced.


Who will be responsible for harm caused by AI mistakes – the computer programmer, the tech company, the regulator or the clinician? 

Likely the Tech Company - at the end of the day, AI is someone's product or service, so there must be accountability there - look at SkyNet; that was Cyberdyne's fault! I don't doubt that regulation would change in response to any harm that could be caused, though.



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