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Meet the Team — Zac Curtis

Meet Zac, our UX/UI Product Designer.

Hi everyone, my name is Zac. At Alphalake Ai, I work within projects as a User Experience/User Interface Product Designer, which involves integrating the psychology of user behaviour to create the best journey & interaction for them, streamlining from point A to point B without any mess between!




How has Alphalake helped you in your career development?

Alphalake Ai has given me the stepping stone not only in my career but also in understanding how I can consolidate a range of my different skills into one central point, utilizing them all to learn and progress as much as possible.


What three career lessons have you learned thus far?

  1. Time Management, to get as much done as efficiently possible.

  2. Proactivity, there’s always something to work on.

  3. Communicate your questions, big or small.

Will the doctor become a second opinion/inferior to the AI?

The idea that AI should replace it is an outdated idea in the majority of places, and I believe that it will always be an assistant to the user. In healthcare, the AI will reinforce the doctors' toolkit to let them navigate patient care easier, in turn creating more readily available healthcare access to all.


Who will be responsible for harm caused by AI mistakes – the computer programmer, the tech company, the regulator, or the clinician?

I believe that placing the blame for a mistake caused by an autonomous program on one specific individual wouldn’t make sense as it’s a culmination of various factors that lie on the shoulders of many rather than one. Knowing that AI will assist and grant a huge boon to patient care and that the chances of mistakes are far lower than that of human error is something that should be celebrated rather than feared.

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