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What's New in 2021 with Enterprise A2019.18

Automation Anywhere recently announced enhancements to Enterprise 2019 which will help businesses to scale RPA more quickly and enable a superior user experience.

Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise A2019 has just announced several exciting new updates for their Enterprise A2019.18 release, designed to make their Robotic Process Automation platform work even harder for customers.


Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Enable Citizen Developers

Previous iterations didn’t allow business users to use their local devices to create, publish and run bots. They were also unable to deploy triggers locally. These limitations reduced the opportunity for expansion and caused technical challenges.


Automation Anywhere’s new license enables employees to become citizen developers. They can use role-based access control and folder permissions to build and share bots with relevant departments.


Citizen development is crucial to the rapid implementation of automation as those at the heart of the process can develop their own solutions, allowing the internal IT department to focus on strategic initiatives, mission-critical projects, governance and security.


Improved Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI)

This release sees improved web user experience, as Automation Anywhere has expanded the digital assistant’s functionality. There are now AARI dashboards in Bot Insight that allow you to examine end-to-end processes analysis and view more details within the Bot Insight dashboard. For example, you can now determine whether a bot or a user created a request. They have also included data retention mechanisms like request deletion and recovery. Anyone using the RPA software can limit the data storage and the total footprint of the AARI. Additionally, new process management functionality allows you to update descriptions and delete or rename processes.


Greater Visibility within Discovery Bot

Automation Anywhere has made the following enhancements to the recorder, to provide further visibility within the discovery bot and enable faster decisions about automation opportunities:

  • Ability to hide screenshots in the analyst view or alter the layout of the recorder screen to make it easy to view while editing
  • Ability to select steps within the discovery process by group, loop or brand rather than manually selecting them one by one
  • Access to Discovery Bot within the Community Edition and free trial available.

Additional Smart Features

The IQ Bot has also received an upgrade, with “IQ Bot extraction” added. This enhancement enables data to be extracted from invoices (as long as they are in English) with minimal setup time, meaning organisations get a return on investment faster. The feature is already available within the Community Edition.


IQ Bot has also been refined to optimise the migration of learning instances and improve the UX through better error handling for viewing extraction results.


Additional Insights

Lastly, the analytics tool has been developed further, and customers can adopt Bot Insight for different analytics use cases. For example, customers who use Tableau as their enterprise-wide analytics platform can now view any Bot Insight Data within Tableau rather than externally. They can also import and export dashboards across different environments using BLM integration. And finally, Automation Anywhere is now assigning Bot Insight licenses directly to the user rather than through a role assignment, which brings welcome simplicity to user licensed management.


If you are interested in learning more about Automation Anywhere and the process of deploying to a production deployment, you can check out a recent RPA project completed by Alphalake here.


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