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Workato Automation Accelerators — expanding the scope of automation in workspaces

Workato has launched its latest innovative product, Workato Automation Accelerators, which aim to help customers manage automation at an enterprise scale while also allowing them to launch at startup speeds.

The implementation of connector-based automation isn’t always smooth sailing for businesses, especially those who have just started on the path towards automation.


Even if you have all the resources and instructions laid out right in front of you, it can still be challenging to determine which tools are needed for your desired automated workflow.

The Enterprise Automation platform, Workato, has given special attention to this challenging aspect in RPA as they endeavour to strive for simplicity and effortlessness for their users during implementation.

Recently, Workato has worked behind the scenes to enhance enterprise-grade automation by consolidating thousands of recipes, consisting of workflows with 100+ triggers and actions, into three words:


Workato Automation Accelerators

Each accelerator is a bundle of components that can include SDKs (software development kits), recipes and instructional guides for selectively picked common workflows. With these pre-packaged automated solutions, organisations can customise and adjust their specific package to suit their needs.

Instead of browsing through the community library filled with recipe collections and solutions, Workato serves a solution-focused template handed on a silver platter. The accelerators are designed to solve multiple use-cases as the same fundamental approaches can resolve many similar problems faced across industries.



Workato has currently introduced six accelerators with plans to create more.


Autonomous Operations Framework

First and foremost, this accelerator is their standard framework for autonomous operations, which intelligently automates incident management for large and complex enterprise IT environments. With this foundation, error handling, recovery, logging can be easily applied to any given Workato recipe for corrective measures to be put in place.



Campaign Launchpad

This accelerator is beneficial to those who are familiar with Marketo. Marketo is a marketing automation software that enables measuring engagement, tasks and workflows. With these packaged solutions from Workato, campaigns can be launched within minutes instead of hours, given that complex data entry can now be set aside. The Campaign Launchpad provides optimisation and efficiency in marketing operations, given that it ensures each campaign is launched according to the framework that the user has defined.


Enterprise Data Hub

Workato’s Enterprise Data Hub is an accelerator that creates a standardised and trusted source for critical records considered core data (i.e. customers, employees and orders.) to a digital business. Its features include pre-built integrations with data validation triggers that can notify stakeholders of any potential issues. These rules and triggers are also customisable, given that the data models can be tailored for the organisation’s projects.


Intelligent Invoice Processing

Using AI technologies, intelligent document processing can classify, categorise and extract the correct information for businesses by processing invoices that automate manual data entry efforts. The accelerator contains pre-built recipes that can keep up with the process invoice volumes and is fully customisable. The workflows can be aligned to the company’s systems, policies, and required regulations.



ELT pipeline for Snowflake

ELT (“extract, load, transform”) pipeline is a helpful tool for cloud data management because it can effectively digest data from various source systems (e.g. applications and data stores). The sequence of ELT allows businesses to preload raw data to a place where it can be modified.

Snowflake is a cloud computing-based data warehousing company that utilises ELT for organisations to transfer secure data. Workato’s accelerator ensures the full capabilities of Snowkflake’s data platform whilst providing ultimate flexibility in syncing data from various applications, databases and cloud storage that can be used for a user’s business.

Approvals Bot for Slack & Teams

Workato eliminates the time needed for managers to navigate and access requests through many applications with the Approvals Bot Accelerator. The accelerator provides pre-built Slack or Microsoft Teams bots that use established recipes to consolidate approval requests from multiple systems into one place for review, making a strenuous process seem seamless.



Despite only releasing six automation accelerators, Workato will be building a whole library of platform-level accelerators, business-area-specific accelerators, and even industry-specific use-cases over time. They will also be gathering ideas from customers and partners as well as industry trends.

It is this kind of commitment to simplicity, innovation and ease-of-use that make Workato one of Alphalake Ai's partner's of choice to drive efficiency in back-office and clinical workflow operations.

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