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Accelerate sales cycles with automations for Zoom webinars and meetings

Events have quickly become virtual, but lead capture is lagging...

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced major conferences, like Microsoft’s Build Conference and Adobe Summit, to go virtual. Companies were initially hopeful that conferences and events would be back in a few months, it’s now clear that the new WFH-era of virtual events is not going away anytime soon. Just look at Salesforce, which recently announced that it’s moving all events in 2020 online. This includes Dreamforce, its biggest annual conference, which wasn’t scheduled to take place until November!


This dramatic change in the way we work has not lowered the pressure on marketing and sales teams to deliver growth. Marketing teams are setting up online versions of not only major conferences, but also smaller lead-generating events like fireside chats and executive roundtables. Sales teams are videoconferencing more with their customers and HR teams are conducting candidate interviews virtually.


Events have quickly become virtual, but lead capture is lagging

It requires a lot of coordination to turn in-person events into virtual conferences and companies are turning to platforms, like Zoom, to host the events online. However, many companies have invested heavily in video conferencing tools without setting up the requisite integrations to take full advantage of the data.


Native integrations do exist, but oftentimes they are not flexible enough to handle complex automations like exporting lead data to multiple places and they certainly don’t allow for data enrichment. While it’s great to engage customers and prospects virtually, if you’re not integrating the data in real-time, you will lose precious time to engage leads. This could lead to lower lead conversion rates, a slower sales pipeline, and many lost leads.


Workato gives every qualified lead a fighting chance

Workato empowers your sales and marketing teams by automating the capture of leads from Zoom-based virtual events, enriching leads with data from third parties, and saving the data in the right places. With real-time notifications, accurate data at their fingertips, and up-to-date context about the lead, sales teams are given the highest probability to convert leads.


Automate your post-webinar tasks away

After a webinar or virtual event ends, ideally the attendee data and poll results are loaded directly into your CRM and the recording is sent to a repository, like Box. But this process is often manual and slow, which increases your follow-up time and lowers chance of conversion.


Workato’s Zoom connector automates tedious processes like saving attendees as leads directly to Marketo while also loading the recording and tagging relevant sales reps. You can also easily add logic to determine which specific leads should be saved and which should be ignored to ensure you only capture relevant data.


Give your sales team the full picture

To ensure sales is having the right conversations with leads and customers after a webinar, it’s not enough to just have the data from Zoom, which is usually just an email and a company name. Workato can take the leads, enrich them with data from 3rd party apps like LinkedIn and ZoomInfo, add in their product usage data from Snowflake, and then load it into your CRM. Add in poll data and questions asked by the lead, and you provide Sales with all the context they need to have intelligent conversations that lead to conversion.


Supercharge your RevOps processes

With so many meetings going virtual, there is a great opportunity for RevOps teams to take advantage of this influx of cloud recordings for sales intelligence. Workato is able to easily back up cloud recordings to any cloud storage application, like Box or Google BigQuery, and then call native tools in these apps to analyze recordings from audio files for buyer sentiment or webinar results to track engagement.


This enables the RevOps team to create robust models that tell you when prospects are ready to become customers. Workato can then send this data easily back to Salesforce so your sales team knows which leads to prioritize.


Workato helps you lead the change to videoconferencing

Changing your marketing and sales processes to fit the age of videoconferencing can be a daunting task, but it has also opened up a great opportunity for you to create more personalized and targeted interactions with your customers. As you continue to learn and iterate on your processes to make the most out of your webinars and meetings on Zoom, Workato’s here to help you extract the most value.



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