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Meet the Team — Patrick Smith

Meet Patrick Smith, our Customer Success Manager, South East & Cyber Solutions Trainee.

Hi, I'm Paddy, and I am the Customer Success Manager for the South East and a Trainee in Cyber Solutions for Alphalake Ai.


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How has Alphalake helped you in your career development?

Alphalake has given me a second chance with my IT and Cyber career after unfortunately being let go due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have taken me on and given me an opportunity to train in the dream role that I have always wanted, Cyber Security, and I am hoping this will lead to other Cyber positions down the line at Alphalake.


What drew you to Alphalake?

The bleeding-edge tech and great demographic that is in their remit.


Will the doctor become a second opinion/inferior to the AI?

I believe that AI, as good as it will be and is, the doctors call, will always be the 1st and final opinion, the AI influence will help and support, but I think that it will never make the final call.


To what extent do you believe that AI in healthcare will replace GPs/displace jobs?

The jobs will definitely be in jeopardy, I don't think it will completely replace GP's, but I think the administration will be more in danger of being replaced by bots and AI.

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