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New IT Cost Assessment program: Unlock Value to Reinvest for Growth

Google Cloud developed a new IT Cost Assessment program that lets you understand how your company’s IT spend compares to your industry peers.

If you’re in IT, chances are you’re under pressure to prioritise investments and optimize costs in response to the current economic climate. Forrester Research has said CIOs could face a minimum of 5% budget cuts in 2020, and IDC is forecasting a 5.1% decline in worldwide IT spending. These are sobering numbers.


Alphalake's platform partner, Google Cloud, understand the need for clear, actionable ways to optimise your IT costs—and the flexibility to adjust your IT spend to the most critical areas dynamically. To help, they developed a new IT Cost Assessment program that lets you understand how your company’s IT spend compares to your industry peers, so you can quickly identify key areas of opportunity to unlock value to reinvest for growth.


Google Cloud has a proven and structured approach to validate these IT cost reduction opportunities. Every business is unique, but knowing where you stand relative to your industry peers is an invaluable piece of insight when strategising how to survive in this new economic reality. The first thing they do with their IT cost assessment is analyse your individual IT spend and compare it to industry benchmark data derived from their extensive experience working with clients and trusted third-party research firms, providing you a view of cost optimisation opportunities.


Then, in a second phase, they propose Google Cloud solutions best aligned to helping you reap the benefits of IT cost reductions, reduce physical infrastructure complexity, leverage hybrid-cloud strategy and enhance security, compliance and flexibility. In addition, their differentiated capabilities across AI/ML & Big Data can help you identify opportunities to optimise processes and drive additional operational efficiencies.


Once you have this baseline of your performance, they deliver a detailed TCO analysis, ROI projections, and an implementation plan, with Google Cloud solutions that will help you migrate and modernise your legacy environment and deliver a positive impact to your bottom line.


Google Cloud have partnered with leading enterprise companies in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and insurance sectors, among others and delivered cost savings across their IT environments. In the aforementioned customer survey, three out of four respondents reported savings of up to 30% in the first 6 months of becoming a Google Cloud customer. And presented with the statement, "Google Cloud helped me increase our operational efficiency and optimise IT spend," nine in ten agreed.



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