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Meet the Team — Olly Cogan

Meet Alphalake's CEO, Olly Cogan.

Alphalake Ai’s CEO, Olly Cogan, has answered some of our questions regarding the work we do here at Alphalake and also some of his views on digital health. We hope after reading this you can get to know him better.


What inspires you?

My team, of course! :)


What did you want to be when growing up?

Film Director or a famous inventor, still working on that second one, safe to say I have given up on my career in Hollywood :)


What’s been your proudest moment working at Alphalake?

Putting on our Hackathon last year, bringing together post grad nurses with computer science students, it was a potent mix of purpose and innovation. Truly inspired me!


What do you do at Alphalake?

A bit of everything!


What key factors are needed for patients to trust digitisation / digitalisation within healthcare?

Control over their own data, faster and more convenient access to services, the magic blend of digital access but human interaction.


Will patients be safe or safer with the advent of AI?



How will AI be developed in a way that it is transparent to all users?

Through the emerging field of “Explained AI”.


What are the barriers to disseminating healthcare innovation?

In the UK, a systemic problem of data silos, and still a lack of real transformation, largely due to an ineffective financing model.


What can be done to make the NHS paperless?

Stop focusing on the headline.




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