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How to Choose the Right Automation Partner

The perfect automation partner will provide unwavering support through every step of your digital transformation, delivering on your needs and helping you discover new ways to reap the benefits of automation. Read on to discover the crucial characteristics every automation provider should demonstrate.

Tomorrow, the need for autonomous operations will be greater than today.” – Jason Cohen, Commercial Director UK&I at Alphalake AI.


Post-COVID-19, the global healthcare market has been actively looking for ways to deal with the increased demand for their services and reduce the admin burden, with the ultimate goal of returning humans to care.


According to GlobeNewswire, automation is growing year on year across the global healthcare market, which is expected to reach $88.9Bn in 2028.


With this being said, now is the time to adopt automation, but how do you begin your automation journey, and which partner should you choose?


Choosing the right automation partner can be a challenge, especially when there’s an abundance of partners and a plethora of automation tools available across the global market.


Key elements to consider when selecting an automation partner:


Partners should be equipped with relevant industry experience and understand the broad landscape of persona groups, systems, and business challenges.

Look for partners who have in-house skills across a wide range of technologies, operations, and use cases. Your automation partner should also be able to identify additional potential use cases across your organisation. This will be used as a reference point to enable a quicker time to value by utilising repeatable factors.  


Partners should approach all engagements by focusing on the individuals before the outcome. Focusing on the individuals ensures the proposed technology(s) are the most effective, adaptable and, most of all, sustainable for the lifespan of the outcome.


It is good practice to choose an automation partner with a diverse customer base to ensure robustness and adaptability. This will ensure you have an automation partner who can support your needs for the long haul, saving you from incurring the cost of changing partners down the line.


A partner who operates an innovative, creative, and inclusive culture will maintain good standards and have a strong work ethic on which you can rely. A good work ethic feeds down through the engagement model and positively impacts the overall support you'll receive.


Partners should provide tailored ongoing support based on the needs of their clients. A key area to look for is an automation provider's collaborations and integrations with other technology vendors. If they demonstrate strong partnerships with key players in the automation industry, this means the support you receive will be well-rounded and all-encompassing.


Why partner with Alphalake Ai? 

We are a team of technologists who are passionate about healthcare, brought together through a shared belief that technological advancement is a force for good in human endeavour and our very evolution.


The first thing we at Alphalake Ai look at is your industry and the current skill sets and knowledge gaps within your company. This enables us to customise the right solution and service to deliver the desired outcome within a commercially and resource-constrained environment. 


Alphalake Ai operates on an 80/20 model, with 80% of our business in healthcare and 20% in highly innovative corporate organisations. This enables us to provide the most cutting-edge innovation and advice from the global market and then bring this into the healthcare sector to ensure the most informative guidance and delivery is available.


We also understand the challenges of budget structures and allocations, which is why we offer flexible billing models as well as consumption-based pricing designed to reduce commercial wastage.


We strive to support the digital exemplars of healthcare to transition and adopt the most efficient autonomous operations with maximum impact while also hand-holding healthcare organisations through their transformation.


Whether you need a solution that scales, enhances governance, or enables synchronicity, Alphalake has the experience to advise, deliver, and support your needs with the future always in mind. 


If you would like to know more about how intelligent automation can benefit your organisation, please get in touch.

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