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Meet the Team — Gabriel Mindham

Meet Gabriel Mindham, our Commercial Engagement Intern.

Hi guys, I’m Gabriel Mindham and I’m currently in a sales role at Alphalake Ai along with studying economics and finance at the University of Manchester. I have a passion for innovative industries and I look forward to exploring this one with Alphalake!


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How has Alphalake helped in career development?

Currently being in the first week of my official tenure at Alphalake it’s difficult to answer this question. Nevertheless, I have been in the sphere of the company for a while during my university term so have had the chance to develop. My favourite moment which also had a career development aspect to it would be having my first coffee chat with Olly and Jason in Manchester. This being my first time having a work-type chat in person, I was naturally nervous as to what it would be like. Thankfully I loved it, meeting two passionate people who offloaded information and advice to me is something that I really value in my personal growth and something I know that will help me in my career development.


What drew you to Alphalake?

I first heard about the company through a close friend who had met one of the Alphalake team at his university. He had spoken highly and recommend my friend investigate Alphalake. Consequently, during one of our catches up I heard about this opportunity and knew I had to have a look. The first thing I saw was one of the “COVID as a Catalyst Series” which used the shock of COVID-19 to put people in awe of the possibilities regarding digital innovation within the healthcare space. This gave me a great introduction to the problems and possibilities faced not just in the digital health space but also in the wider NHS. Being very proud of our NHS the chance to collaborate, add value and improve patient outcomes really drew me to Alphalake.


Will the doctor become a second opinion/inferior to the AI?

Within areas of medicine, my belief is there will be specialists whose current jobs will naturally possess greater synergies with AI and therefore be more suspectable of being displaced or subordinated by AI. MRI diagnosis is a great example of this where machine learning could give a more accurate prognosis meaning medical conditions like tumours and cancers could be treated much earlier hence improving patient outcomes. Saying this there will be jobs that I see it taking much longer for AI to impact such as psychologists where the diagnosis is not so black and white thus needing that human element to get the best patent outcomes.


Do you believe the human touch element to still be prevalent in healthcare?

I can only talk from my perspective but yes. Although COVID-19 created a painful barrier to seeing loved ones in their time of need; in general hospitals try to accommodate friends and family who want to support the patient. This is an aspect of the human side in healthcare that is often less talked about. Hospitals should strive to accommodate visitors to the best of their ability as it provides a human touch that staff don’t necessarily have the time to thoroughly give. It must also be noted that AI and the increased use of digital systems to provide aspects of healthcare will only decrease the face-to-face time patients receive, this further emphasises the need to support visitors in hospitals in a safe and secure way. Although, it must not be forgotten that there are those who won’t have visitors therefore trying to provide a greater element of human touch to these specific patients is key.

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