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What is alphabotUI?

As Alphalake continues to evolve and develop Alphabot-for-Teams, Content Executive, Paul Buckland speaks with CEO, Olly Cogan to discuss one of our latest products that has connectivity with Alphabot-for-Teams.

In this short video below, you will learn about the core functionality of alphabotUI, how it is connected to Alphabot-for-Teams and our plan for the upcoming alphabotUI skills partners. 


AlphabotUI and its Purpose

When developing alphabotUI it was essential to identify where it would sit in relation to our product - Alphabot-for-Teams, and what it can enable/bring to our customers. Let's break-down what alphabotUI is and its purpose.




How adaptable is alphabotUI?

Adaptability to be able to easily alter to specific organisational workflow needs was vital, ensuring that a tailor-made outcome was achieved regardless of the need, so, how adaptable is alphabotUI?  




How is alphabotUI benefitting customers?

Alongside its purpose and aim, it's important to ensure that this product is evolving and feedback from customers is one way which enables us to do this, with the adaptability still in mind, how is alphabotUI already benefitting existing customers? 




If you would like to learn more about alphabotUI, the skills partner initiative or Alphabot-for-Teams, you can get in touch with us at 

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