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What is Hybrid Automation?

If you're looking to improve your operational efficiency and remain competitive in the digital age, it's essential to understand hybrid automation and the benefits it can offer.

ServiceHub Automation Engineer & Marketing Coordinator, Izabella Lloyd-White, talks with the Founder & CEO of Alphalake Ai, Olly Cogan, all about Hybrid Automation.


You'll also learn how the API-led (Application Programming Interface) RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be used to dramatically increase accuracy and, in turn, boost productivity while reducing the time it takes to process repetitive, rule-based tasks. 


Hybrid Automation & LCAP Interview (2021-12-09 at 01_32 GMT-8) (1)_6


The Hybrid Automation Method follows two guiding principles:


Tick blue box Implementing robust automation solutions that are easy and affordable for organisations to maintain.


Tick blue box Realising process efficiency rapidly by reducing project overheads and time-to-value.


If you're looking to improve your organisation's operational efficiency and lighten the load for your team, Alphalake Ai can help. Get in touch with one of our tech experts who are always on hand to help out with your digital transformation. Alternatively, you can download our 4 Step Hybrid Automation and Interoperability resource here


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